Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Crowded Curriculum and Mathematics

One of my struggles this year has been juggling all the areas of curriculum into the school timetable. The first two hours of our school day are always literacy and most of the students in my class are making great progress.

Mathematics however has often been neglected. It is timetabled after morning tea. Often other things happen in the school and so maths doesn't always occur. We have kapa haka, sports, guest speakers, practises for school events, and the list goes on.

Also when I teach students from a maths strand, by the end of it they have some understanding of the concepts I want them to know. However if we do not revisit the strand frequently they seem to forget all that I have taught them.

Some possible solutions are having a whole class activity from past strands at the beginning of each lesson. Also it has been suggested that sometimes I teach mathematics first thing in the morning.

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